Funding property investors to reach true freedom.

Fundii creates tailored funding solutions that grow investment property portfolios exponentially. Regardless of your situation, we strive to design the right finance strategy that scales your investment property portfolio to new highs. Ultimately, we fund property investors like you to reach true freedom.

Why Fundii

Our purpose is to fund property investors to reach true freedom. At Fundii, you are at the core of everything we do. We start with your current situation, understand your goals and create a tailored funding plan to get you there. Every funding advice, solution and experience is created to earn and keep your trust in us, for life.

Who we are

Fundii attracts, nurtures and grows the very best talent. We’re the team that makes you financially free. We’re curious, creative and passionate about property investment and finance. At Fundii, we’re sophisticated property investors and own large property portfolios. We understand property investment from the inside because we do it ourselves. We’re excited to share our knowledge and provide you with best-in-class property investment advice that accelerates your investment property journey towards true freedom.

Dave Ward

Founder & Head of Advice

Kathryn Mercieca

Founder & Funding Advisor

Rick Jackson

Client Partner

Ricky Phillips

Client Partner

Amanda O'Hara

Head of Execution

Scott Rumsey

Head of Finance

What we do

At Fundii, we accelerate your growth through tailored investment portfolio advice, portfolio funding strategy and property funding.

Investment Portfolio Advice

Our goal is to become your #1 trusted advisor for investment property funding. Our Funding Advisors identify the right types of investment properties needed to grow your portfolio.

Portfolio Funding Strategy

We craft the right strategy for you. Our Funding Advisors understand that outstanding property investment is dependent on finance. Our focus is to develop a perfectly tailored strategy for your needs. Ultimately, we design the strategy that provides you with exponential funding to fuel your property portfolio growth.

Property Funding

This is when your dream becomes a reality. We assign the right Client Partner for you that becomes your #1 trusted partner throughout the journey to settle your investment property loans. Our Client Partners are best-in-class and know investment property lending from the inside. Ultimately, your Client Partner executes the strategy you agreed with our Funding Advisor.

We partner with the best lenders across Australia to deliver your tailored loan solution.

How we do it

Property investment is a fulfilling journey, one that can lead you to reach true freedom. This is why we created the Fundii milestones to freedom.

Fundii milestones to freedom

Your current position

Your Fundii strategy implemented

Your income replaced

You reached true freedom

1. Your current position

Every journey starts with where you are now. We learn and understand your current position, find a common ground and clarify your property portfolio objectives.

2. Your Fundii Strategy Implemented

This is the step-change achieved by implementing your Fundii strategy. You experience a portfolio funding restructure that in most cases delivers improved cashflow and cash release to reinvest in growing your property portfolio.

3. Your Income Replaced

Freedom becomes real. The cashflow that your investment property portfolio generates equals your salary. You’re free to continue to work on your daily job, focus entirely in your investments or anything in between. What you achieve in this milestone is your freedom to choose.

4. You Reached True Freedom

The meaning of true freedom is yours. It’s the cashflow and equity level your property portfolio delivers that enables you to live your dream life. You have freedom to choose, power to make an impact and ability to give back. This is why we love what we do. This is why Fundii exists.

Reach true freedom with Fundii.

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